Boraginaceae in Iowa. (Forget-me-not family)

Eilers and Roosa (1994)
reported 9 genera in Iowa

Family charactistics—references: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

In general; stems and leaves are hairy, flower parts in fives (5 separate sepals, 5 united petals with 5 stamen attached to corolla), 4 nutlets.

Native species you are most
likely to encounter in Iowa:

Hackelia deflexa (stickseed)

Hackelia virginiana (stickseed)
[syn. Lappula virginiana]

Lithospermum canescens (hoary puccoon)

Lithospermum caroliniense (hairy puccoon)

Lithospermum incisum (fringed puccoon)

Lithospermum latifolium (American gromwell)

Mertensia paniculata (Northern lungwort)

Mertensia virginica (bluebell)

Myosotis verna (forget-me-not)

Onosmodium molle (false gromwell)