Monotropa ssp. (Indianpipe)

Monotropa uniflora

The genus Monotropa has been difficult to classify. At one time or another, it has appeared in each of three different classes (Monotropaceae, Pyrolaceae, and Ericaceae). The USDA plants site and The BONAP site both place Monotropa in its own class—Monotropaceae. The FNA site has placed it along with the entire class Pyrolaceae (wintergreen family) into the class Ericaceae.

Two species are assigned to the genus Monotropa (M. hypopithys, and M, uniflora). Both species are native and have been found in Iowa woodlands. They are rated as rare or infrequent in Iowa.

Monotropa uniflora (Indian Pipe) [shown at right]

Monotropa hypopithys (Pinesap)